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Rugged Ridge Wall Mount Door Holders

Next up in product reviews is the Rugged Ridge Wall Mount Door Holders. So far Rugged Ridge has been either pretty awful or pretty good, you just never know what you will get. This one was a first, and ended up somewhere in the middle.
I paid $145, and price-wise, this seems to fluctuate between $150-170 depending on where and when you buy it. It's honestly packaged very well. The instructions are also done very well.
Rugged Ridge Door Hanger Unboxing

You will have to supply your own 5/16" lag bolts (and washers). The installation really is as simple as finding a stud, drilling a pilot hole (x2) and bolting it up.
Rugged Ridge Door Hanger Mounting

Up to this point I was pretty impressed. Then I had to figure out which bushing I needed for my doors. All the bushings were sloppy. All the bushings were sloppy in the door hanger brackets too.
Bracket ID: 0.66"
Bushing OD: 0.62"
Rugged Ridge Door Hanger Bushing Dimensions

Door Hinge OD: 0.37"
Bushing ID: 0.39"
RR Door Hanger Bushing Dimensions

So I had a neighbor come over real quick figuring I would need help aligning these brackets and tightening them down. However with these tolerances, as it turned out you can just sort of bolt them up however and the doors will just go up there. So the sloppy tolerances did ease installation I guess? However it comes with a major downside, you'll notice the bushing is "tighter" to my hinge pins than the bracket. Guess what happens when I pull the doors from these hangers? Have another person around to pull the bushing back off of your hinges, otherwise, you'll still be sitting the doors back down. My suggestion would be to silicone these bushings in place.
So my doors do hang on these brackets, they don't line up very well, but it works
Rugged Ridge Door Hanger with Doors

However I will be fixing another problem I haven't seen mentioned anywhere. The weight of the door is really only being carried by one hinge.
Rugged Ridge Door Hanger Misalignment

Overall it's not a bad product, but I can't say it's a great product either (as I mentioned above, it's somewhere in the middle). I'm still happy with my purchase, and I'll likely just fix a couple of it's short-comings by modifying the product some. Overall I'd really just like to see those bushing tolerances tightened up for sure. I know a simple thing that would have been great for me, is dimensions (having these available somewhere). My garage is not full of open space, so having dimensions (even rough) in X,Y,Z axes would have been great. Functionally though, it hangs the doors on the walls.


So I did fix the alignment issue I mentioned above. I chose to weld the upper brackets in the correct locations for my doors. Note every door will have slightly different locations, as the hinges are fit to the body. For this reason, one set of these brackets should probably be slotted in my opinion. You could measure and drill new holes in these brackets. I only welded it, as it was easier for me. The other "fix" I did was to silicone the bushings into the brackets. As you can see the alignment is much better now:
Rugged Ridge Door Hanger Alignment Fix
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