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Pinstripe Removal

Well I figured I do a quick writeup on removing pin stripe. Most pin stripe is nothing more than a vinyl sticker so it will peel off pretty easily usually. Mine was looking pretty rough, and it had to come off before I could paint my Jeep.
A heat gun will help the process quite a bit but it's not absolutely necessary. Usually you can just use your finger nail to start peeling the pin stripe.
Pinstripe Removal
On mine I ended up using a razor blade. Be forewarned this can be very risky! Use a new razor blade, and keep it flat on the paint, one slip and you will cut through the paint.
Pinstripe Removal
Once you get it started peeling, pull it gently and never let your hand get more than a few inches from the body while peeling the pin stripe back.
It's normal for some of the adhesive to be left behind when you are done.
Pinstripe Removal
I've found bug and tar remover works best for this, and it's relatively inexpensive. Spray it on, let it soak for a few moments, then wipe clean using a soft towel. Repeat as necessary. Most parts stores also sell an adhesive/sticker remover that won't harm paint that will work as well.
Pinstripe Removal
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