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Omix-Ada Full Door Seals 87-95 Wrangler YJ

So I'm doing this review hoping it will save someone some headache. Omix-Ada lists full doors seals as fitting 76-95, while they will fit YJ doors, they will not seal. I've found out why YJ door seals are different.
OMIX-ADA Part #: 12303.01 - This will not fit a YJ correctly in my opinion.
OMIX-ADA Part #: 12303.02- This will not fit a YJ correctly in my opinion.
While you can interchange doors between these year Jeeps, if you have a YJ and want your doors to seal, it would appear you need OEM seals. (If someone finds an aftermarket seal with the correct dimensions please let me know)
For a YJ they have a few extra clips, which are easily removed. The clip placement, is close, not exact, but it's rubber so this is workable. However the part that is not excusable or workable is the fact that the top dimensions are smaller than OEM, by fair margin. (Image below says thicker, the gasket really is taller)
Omix ADA Door Gasket

Which means your door that sealed before, may not now.
Replacement Door Gasket

The body lines are lined up, I'm not shifting the door up. Not to mention this would just move the problem to the bottom. Something is wrong anyways, I'm not sure if it's the density of the seal or what, but the door really does not want to shut now either. This really isn't a big deal since this seal is being removed, and returned as a defect.
Removing it brings me to my final complaint about this seal which was the clips. The OEM seal used clips that came out in one piece. Every single Omix-ADA clip broke into many pieces complicating the removal. I guess they are supposed to be one time use, but it's clear it's a cheaper plastic.


Just to update this, I did order OEM gaskets from a dealer for my YJ. They seal, they have the correct number of clips, as expected they are perfect in every way. The door even shuts much nicer, which in my opinion shows there is a difference in foam density between the OEM and aftermarket.
OEM Jeep Door Gasket

So the price difference stinks (about $80 difference), but I really didn't have a choice in the matter here, until the aftermarket realizes that CJs and YJs aren't exactly the same in every way.
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