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Rebuilding Johnny Joints

Well my next do it yourself write up deals with johnny joints. These go by many names, but they all work and function the same. The johnny joint I'm rebuilding is in my MORE anti-wrap bar, but these are found in many control arms on TJs as well.
The first step is to remove the snap ring that retains the joint and bushings.
Remove the snap ring from the joint

Sometimes these snap rings can be difficult though, especially if you neglect them for two plus years.... Best way I've found to free them up is to take a cold chisel and smack the ring at various points will help.
If the snap ring is stuck use a chisel to loosen

After you have the snap ring removed, flip the joint over and tap the center with a hammer the washer and the bushings should all fall out so be ready to catch them:
Flip the joint over and give it a smack

Using some brake cleaner and paper towels clean everything.
Start cleaning everything

Don't forget the joint housing too:
Clean the housing too

Make sure you clean all the grease passages too, I used a small drill bit to poke through all of them to make sure they were clear.
I use a drill bit by hand to clean the grease passages

Here are all the pieces in the order they go:
Johnny joint parts in order

Time for reassembly. Light coat all the pieces with grease, inside and out, personally I'm using marine grease.
Grease all parts for reassembly

Once everything is back in place it's time to fight with the snap ring. Be prepared to be frustrated with this step, you're going to need a nice set of snap ring pliers for this step. Once I got the ring squeezed enough to fit in the housing, I used a C-clamp to hold the ring in place while I tapped it into place:
Everything will be tight going back together

Lightly tap the snap ring down and over into place:
Dont be surprised if you need to tap things together

As usually anytime you have stuff apart, take a moment to clean the related parts as well. I made sure I cleaned the shackle up, and it will be receiving a fresh coat of paint.
Take some time to clean the other mounts as well

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