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RustOleum Hammered

Decided to try out RustOleum's Hammered, today on the cage, and it looks pretty good, I'm still trying to decide if I like the color or not.
I bought the quart version and used a roller to apply it. I bought black, and I wouldn't exactly say its black in color, more of a gun-metal gray?
Rustoleum Hammered
The texture does come out pretty nice, here is a close up:
Rustoleum Hammered
The downside, and I wouldn't necessarily say its downside, is that a quart of hammered, covers about half of the area that normal paint would. I could get several coats applied with regular RustOleum, with the hammered, one was about it.
I figure even if I decide I don't care for the color, I can always paint over it with some black and the texture will still be there.
Rustoleum Hammered
Rustoleum Hammered
Rustoleum Hammered
I started on the tub, but I might paint it black again, haven't decided.
Rustoleum Hammered
The hammered seems tougher than your average paint, it's very scratch resistant compared to other paints. So far it's holding up very well for me. It does have some marks in it that take away from it's shine, but it did not actually hurt the paint.
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