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SmittyBilt Vaulted Glove Box 87-95 Wrangler YJ



So I've been leaving the top off my Jeep a lot more these days, and wanted a better way to make sure the honest people stayed honest. After some searching I settled on the SmittyBilt Vaulted Glove box.
It arrived with a couple marks, and a minor bend. So the packaging was not perfect. Next the instructions listed included components, of which not all were included. I had some of the components, and then I had things that weren't listed, or ever mentioned in the instructions? I ended up having to supply some missing washers. The instructions mention 1/4-20 bolts, but include, metric bolts. However I'll cut them some slack, as they are 10.9.
The hardest part to the install will be the center bolts/nuts to the glove box if you've never had yours out before. My dash has been out of the Jeep many times, so the the first time I removed these I never put them back in, so I didn't have to fight this part.
Overall the fit of my glove box was pretty good. At the top of the glove box I had to reduce the bend some so I could easily get it in and out without destroying the dash pad. Be careful if you bend it, too much and you risk damaging the finish. Once you have the factory glove box out, install the included L brackets. Then put the new glove box in and see if "L" brackets need to go up or down, move accordingly, and tighten. Now you should be able to install the new glove box for the final time.
So the packaging was so-so. The finish is alright. The instructions, well incomplete. As I'm sure you've read if you've looked at other reviews you need the key to open or close this glove box.
That being said,everything came out fine in the end. It functions fine, it looks fine. It was $60. The alternative, is $188. So while not perfect, for the price, I'm happy with what I got.
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