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Warn and MileMarker Hub Comparison

Ok, I've been claiming I think the MileMarker hubs look/might work better than Warn's Premium hubs, so got some pictures of all of them. The parts place sent the wrong ones at first, so I had these standard Warn hubs to inspect too.
Here is a Warn standard hub (left) and a MileMarker standard hub (right).
Milemarker vs Warn Hubs

From the top side they look similar really, both of these are new out of the box, never been used, Warn on the left, MileMarker on the right.
Milemarker vs Warn Hubs

Most of the vartions between the hubs seem to be in the lock/unlock top half. The standard Warn hubs (below on the left), are actually pretty slick, 1/4 turn and they are locked. The 1/4 turn is also basically spring loaded, you flip knob, and it will pretty much enage itself. The standard Warn hub uses a spring that pushs that plastic/composite ring up to engage/lock the hub, which is actually pretty nice, it gives a nice even push. The MileMarkers (below on the right) are using the standard full turn action to engage the hub. The MileMarker uses three little fingers to engage the hub, which still gives a relatively even push.
Milemarker vs Warn Hubs

Next close-ups of the hubs.
Warn Standard Hub:
Milemarker vs Warn Hubs

MileMarker Standard Hub:
Milemarker vs Warn Hubs

One thing really jumps out at me here on the back side of these hubs. Warn (left) uses these thin spiral lock clips, while MileMarker (right) use a real snap ring.
Milemarker vs Warn Hubs

I wish I would have had a Premium set of MileMarkers available but I didn't, so I'll use the standard set of MileMarkers, against the Warn Premium hubs.
Milemarker vs Warn Hubs

In the picture below, Warn Premium hub is on the right, the MileMarker Standard hub is on the left. The lower half of the Warn premium hub looks, feels, and operates identically to the standard hub, which makes me wonder if you are just paying for the fancy looking knob.
Milemarker vs Warn Hubs

Warn's enagement system makes me wonder on these Premium hubs, several times I've taken my Premium hubs apart to fix this. Warn uses this slinky like spring to enage the hub as pictured below:
Milemarker vs Warn Hubs

The problem is that there is nothing to hold the spring straight, so as seen in the picture below, the spring can collapse past itself, and in some case won't enage the hub. For example, these didn't even make it through shipping without expierencing this problem (below):
Milemarker vs Warn Hubs

Makes the MileMarker three finger deal look quite a bit better (below).
Milemarker vs Warn Hubs

All three of these hubs came with lifetime warranties. The MileMarkers however were half the price of either of the Warn hubs. As far as enagement, the Warn Standard hubs have a nice 1/4 turn, solid action. Out of the three though, the MileMarkers were easiest to turn, a 2 year old could turn these things, however they still do lock firmly into place. The Premium hubs, acted just like my 6 month old ones, at one point I had to take pliers to the hubs to get them to unlock again, way to stiff.
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